Changes to Social Security Administration Website

Changes to is America’s social security website so participants can conduct
business over the Internet to save the time going to the local office and wait
to be called to the window.

Their website, for many years has been difficult to navigate. When new
clients need to sign up for Medicare only the instructions we confusing and
many needed help in navigating the site to find where you enrolled for
Medicare Parts A & B.

Recently, the social security administration introduced a new and improved
website. Everyone should look at it and how easy it is to enroll in Medicare.

I went to their site on the first page was a section where it says in separate
columns prepare for benefits, apply for benefits, and sign up for Medicare,
and even columns that explain after you apply, how to file a claim or appeal
decision, or even check on a pending decision to see where it is in their

I’m not a big government guy personally but I’m really impressed on how
easy their new site is to find what you need, apply for what you need or
appeal any decision. If you pick any option, it takes to a new screen that can
be easily understood by everyone because it asks the questions you need
and directs you to the answers. Finally, sometime simple, and easy to use
from the government. Never thought that would ever happen.

This site is well done and encourage anyone to take a look and see how easy
it is to navigate and get answers to your Social Security or Medicare

I hope this information is useful and it anyone has questions, please contact me via phone or email and I will respond quickly.

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