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As a health insurance broker, I deal with all the insurance companies in
Nevada. Many are great to do business with, but some are so hard to work
with that when a problem arises it raises my blood pressure significantly.

Today I had an experience with one of the companies due to a billing error
on their side. I submitted the application for a standalone drug plan during
the annual enrollment period for a 1/1/23 effective date.

It is now early March and my client called me upset with her new drug plan
due to billing errors. When we submitted the application it had a direct debit
page included meaning the insurance premium would come out of my
client’s checking account.


To sum it up, the January payment never happened. The February and March
payments did come out of her checking account but for April they sent her a
paper bill. She asked me to come by so she could explain the issue and
today I called the insurance company to speak with a supervisor to resolve
the billing issue. I waited to talk to someone 20 minutes then the call was
disconnected. I called back and waited another 15 minutes to speak with a
supervisor who told me the client and I had to call their customer support
line and then ask for a supervisor to resolve the issue.

Customer Service

There should never have been an issue to begin with as I have proof that
they received the new application along with the correct debit form to take
the monthly premium out of her checking account.

Having to correct the insurance company’s mistake is time-consuming as
well was very annoying because they had the correct information to debit her
checking account for the monthly premium.

This is obviously one example of many that everyone including brokers have
to handle regardless of who is at fault. The problem is this is becoming the
norm rather than the exception.

Bottom Line

All companies provide customer service, and many do it very well. There are
also, many that do not do it well and they need a lesson on how to handle
clients professionally and efficiently without fanfare or creating more issues
then they solve. Cannot mention the company even though I really want to
do so but will refrain from mentioning them but want all companies to know
that their reputations are on the line daily and they should be willing to help
those clients in need in the best and most expeditious way they can.

What doesn’t make sense it that the mistake is theirs without question and
two things should have happened. One, they should have taken
responsibility for their mistake and corrected it without client intervention.
Neither happened so now we need to meet again with the client and call the
insurance company together to fix a problem they created.

Really makes sense, not.

I hope this information is useful and it anyone has questions, please contact me via phone or email and I will respond quickly.

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