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Medicaid 2023 Moving Into 2024

As an insurance broker for 20 years, I have seen many changes in our industry. Medicaid has in recent years made significant changes. The latest change is forcing many to be removed from the ranks of Medicaid recipients. A recent article from the Kaiser Family Foundation I read claims that 13.4 million Americans have recently been dropped from Medicaid due to a redetermination of their status while 24 million have had their coverage reevaluated.

Personally, this should be done annually as many obtain Medicaid status that should not be on Medicaid. In my role as a broker, I have spoken to many who were dropped, and some felt they were entitled to Medicaid even though their incomes and assets exceeded the Medicaid limits. This entitlement mindset keeps growing as the government is trying to take control of all aspects of our lives. People feel entitled but don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Government takeover of insurance means control moves from private enterprise to government control. Look at Canada which has national healthcare with higher taxes, and long waiting lists for procedures like a simple MRI. (Many Canadians come across the border for these services because they can get it faster here in the States).

This move to government control also means the government decides who can have a specific procedure instead of the patient and their doctor determining the validity of the need for the specific test or procedure. That control means the government decides if you can have that knee replacement or any other procedure. I want the freedom of choice.

Medicaid is the government takeover of private healthcare in America. To remain free, we cannot allow this takeover to continue. I understand that at any given time in life, you need help and that should be provided. However, it should not be a permanent situation and there should be time limits placed on all Medicaid recipients.

I hope this information is useful and if anyone has questions, please contact me via phone or email and I will respond quickly.

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